Solving problems through design

Experience Director

What drove me back in the early ‘90s to write my first HTML for Lynx is still the same thing that gets me going today: a passion and curiosity for making peoples lives a little richer, a desire to excel and continuously improve, and a belief that you must enjoy what you do.


Leading from the front also means bringing everyone along.

My best work is a product of collaboration, where I encourage everyone to bring a different perspective and I get to learn from my peers. I’m honest, approachable, and strive to inspire my team to perform their best while having fun. I'm just as comfortable leading brainstorms with the team as standing in front of executives to present complex concepts, clearly and persuasively.


I like big problems — problems that others look at and say 'no thanks’.

Solving big challenges gives us the opportunity to affect people in profound and meaningful ways and it gives me an opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone, to push myself to get better. I enjoy breaking down complex problems, looking at them from a different angle. Some would say I’m surprisingly calm in any situation; I just find myself comfortable with ambiguity and know that it’s just another problem to solve.


I'm passionate about making people's lives simpler, better, and richer.

I look at my own experiences and everyday problems, and know that there has to be a better way of doing things. Examples are all around us, from the humbling and impactful to the less obvious and small. I have a great curiosity for how things work and how they make people think, act, and feel. Whether it positively affects one person or a billion people, I’d call that success.


Big ideas are fun, but it’s getting through the last mile that makes them real.

Seemingly simple solutions come from hard work and an unwavering commitment to quality. It takes a lot to turn a flash of an idea into a subtle and thoughtful reality — by tinkering, perfecting and improving. I try to bring a high level of thought and skill to everything I do and will work hard until we create technology that is smart, as well as beautiful.

When I'm not working

I enjoy the company of friends, exploring new flavors in the kitchen, and losing myself in the story of a movie. With a flair for adventure and a cross-cultural upbringing, it is no surprise that you may find me jumping out of an airplane or crossing the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Leading Work

I have given it my all — my vision and leadership, as well as concepts and execution. The product of my work only tells part of the story, but I hope it communicates my passion for creating smart and beautiful technology.

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Been There, Going Places

For over fifteen years, I’ve been working in the world of technology and experience design. I’m having a great time with life’s back and forth, u-turns, ups and downs, and adapting to new experiences and challenges.

LinkedIn Resume



2014 Started coaching youth baseball

2012 1,000 miles and two mini-vans all over CA

2010 Two kids are better than one

2009 Went to Sweden to get a car

2007 Changed my first diaper

2005 Surprised my wife with a private cruise in Aruba

2003 First jump from a plane

2001 Crossed the Atlas mountains

2000 Moved to the USA

1998 Moved to Spain

1994 My first website
Moved to the USA

1992 Moved to Spain

1991 Learned to scuba dive

1990 Moved to the USA

1989 Discovered the Internet

Experience Director 2010
Associate Experience Director 2006
Sr. Information Architect Oct 2004

Sr. Usability Architect 2004

Sr. Information Architect 2000
Project Manager Sep 1999

Arcitel Iberica
Web Designer 1998

Production Artist 1997

Open Systems Group
Associate 1996

Webster University
Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications 1997

Drake University Transfer in 1995

St. Louis University Transfer in 1994

Christ School
Diploma 1992
Eleventh and Twelfth grades.

Prior schooling at San Estanislao de Kostka in Madrid, Spain.

1986 Learned to program BASIC

1973 Born